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14 May, 2020
PC Windows
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The ultimate training and warmup solution for FPS players: Aimbeast combines human-like AI and a lot of useful game modes to make you better and destroy your enemies in the battlefield, are you ready to become an Aimbeast?


You can explore and play a large amount of community and dev created scenarios, each scenario has a lot of options and can be customized in detail when you upload a scenario on the workshop a leaderboard will be created and everyone will be able to play it.


Create automated routines/playlists by combining your favorite scenarios. Every time you play a routine you will see an overview of your performance and you will be able to see from the progress tracker how much you are improving.


Thanks to an advanced movement system bots can move and behave very naturally like a human, the movement system and every bot property and behavior are entirely customizable for every bot you create.


Everything in the game is easily customizable from the options menu like crosshairs, sounds, map textures, HUD, map shading, sky type, third-person settings, etc..


Every scenario available in the game has a leaderboard so you can compete with other players and get an idea of your skill level and how much you are improving over time.


The workshop is fully supported in the game and players can share, search, and download: maps, scenarios, routines, bots, weapons, sounds, themes, etc..

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Best Aimtrainer (miles better than kovaak,aimlab,aimhero......etc) really worth it. And yes it improves your aim dramatically just get yourself a training routine (sparky,aimer7 routine....etc) and practice every day.



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