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Are you affiliated with Valve?
No, we have no affiliation with Valve or the Steam platform. We have our sponsors for Steam keys.

How to get free Steam keys? How does this all work?
Dloadgames.com is a community-driven gaming website that gathers information about Steam keys. We verify and aggregate all the best free Steam keys daily, you just need to select a game and follow the instructions.

Why do websites and companies give away free Steam keys?
Marketing! It’s an easy and fast way to build a large community because everyone loves free Steam games. Another purpose of this is to draw people’s attention and views to their websites. It’s a win-win situation: On one hand, you get free Steam keys. And on the other hand, our sponsors and companies build their communities.

Are all those keys legal?
Actually, that’s the main reason why we built this community to filter all the legit Steam keys in one place and empower all developers with tools to engage the community. Most Steam keys come directly from the official developers, publishers, and trusted third-party websites however please note we also aggregate Steam keys submitted by our users.

I don’t want to miss any free Steam key, what I can do?
You can follow our real-time browser notifications here, you can also subscribe to our daily newsletter, and you can also follow us on social media and RSS feed.

How do I request a custom Steam key?
Click on the “Request Steam Key” button at the top right corner and fill out the needed information.

How To Unlock Full Steam Key?
Click on the “Show Full Key” button.
Complete one task from our sponsors.
Use real information when completing tasks.
Done! Your full key will be shown to you.

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